This Sunday, at 2pm PST, the new Orthanc Environment from the artists at Weta Workshop will go up for Pre-Order. As, I told you the other day, Weta wants your help to name this piece. Starting today and running through August 5th at 5pm PST, we will be helping them collect name suggestions through the link below. The winners will be chosen by none other than Orthanc model makers David Tremont and Daniel Falconer! The winner of the contest not only gets their name chosen for Orthanc but they will also receive a collectors edition of Bag End, and two runners up will receive a very cool Sauron T-Shirt. Good Luck!!! [Orthanc Naming Competition]


  1. Debbee

    It’s a lovely little model! Think of walking through those lovely park-like trees… Hmm, how about “Jewel of the Ents” for a name…. Or “Wizard’s Dale” to be more prosaic…

  2. H.S.

    This is a great idea. 🙂 Are we allowed to enter more than once?

  3. I thought as paying honor to the makers, how about “Falmont”.  Love the work and thank you so very much for an opportunity!

    Stefanie Goddard_Hernandez

  4. Jairo Medina

    Who won?

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