will be streaming LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con 2011 and we hope you will join us! Starting at 10AM PT on Thursday, we’ll broadcast (or attempt to!) our entire ‘The Hobbit’ panel live from San Diego. Staffers MrCere and Quickbeam will be taking us behind the scenes of the latest news and information about Peter Jackson’s upcoming films and you’ll get to react along with the audience at the convention. Then, throughout the rest of the weekend, TORn staffers will be showing up on the stream live with special guests, other panels, interviews and more! If its Tolkien related and it’s at Comic-Con 2011, we’ll have it covered! Visit the following link for the complete experience all in one place: Barlimans Chat, the LIVE stream, and a giveaway opportunity. And, if you are feeling like you want to support our efforts, you can purchase a Lake town Archery Club t-shirt! [LIVE at Comic-Con] [Facebook Event Page – Invite your Friends!]