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SFX Asks: What is the Best Movie Theme of All Time?

July 12, 2011 at 11:23 am by xoanon  - 

The SFX website has a very interesting poll asking readers to select the all time best movie score ever. Howard Shore’s LOTR theme is obviously among the nominees, take a look at the rest of the list, and be sure to vote! There are some amazing scores that can give LOTR a run for it’s money! More..

Posted in Howard Shore on July 12, 2011 by

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2 responses to “SFX Asks: What is the Best Movie Theme of All Time?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know, LOTR has a fantastic score, but I have to say that I wouldn’t know what the actual “LOTR theme” would be. There are many great and recognizable themes throughout, but is there one for the LOTR as a whole? And if so, which one?

  2. MrZAP says:

    This was exactly my thought when voting. I was torn on whether to include it or not because of it, but I eventually decided that whether it’s the Fellowship theme or Shire or Minas TTirith/Gondor, or any others, I’d choose it regardless. Consequently, one of my favorite pieces is the Rohan theme, and that’s the one of the ones that’s certainly NOT the main theme considering everything else. Same goes for Faramir theme with the panpipes.

    The other two I chose were Ghostbusters and Raiders of the Lost Ark. I wanted to choose Star Wars, but in the end I, like another poster there, think that while it’s fantastic and powerful, the theme itself really pales in comparison to things like the Imperial March, Duel of the Fates, Battle of the Heroes or Binary Sunset. If any of those had been chosen (heck, even the Cantina theme!) I’d have put it over Raiders. Ghostbusters had to be in there because of the memorable lyrics and fun tune.

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