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Last Chance! The Return of the King Ex in Theaters Tonight!

June 28, 2011 at 8:03 am by newsfrombree  - 

This is it folks. One night only! The Return of the King Extended Edition is in theaters tonight, and it may just be your last chance to see it on the big screen for many many years! Relive the conclusion of the epic film trilogy with hundreds of devoted fans like yourself. Like FOTR and TTT before it, seeing ROTK on the big screen is something not to be missed! For those of you attending a screening, don’t forget to email us when you get home. We would love to know about your experience and feel free to send us some photos. You can email them to . We’ll try our best to post as much as we can. Or, if you are on Facebook, share your photos and stories on our wall.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget that trivia and other fun stuff start around 6:30pm. And for those of us who are not near a theater showing the Extended edition, plop in the DVD at home tonight and follow right along! [TORn on Facebook] [Buy Tickets]


Posted in Events, Fans, Film Screenings, Lord of the Rings, LotR Movies, Meet Ups, Movie Return of the King, Other Events, Studios, Warner Bros. on June 28, 2011 by Source: Fathom Events
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One response to “Last Chance! The Return of the King Ex in Theaters Tonight!”

  1. It’s so unfair. I have always dreamed of watching the EE of the Lord of the Rings on the big screen, specially the Return of the King, my favorite film of all time. All I can do is waiting for someone to release them as they should.

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