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Tolkien fans are awesome! LOTR Rap

June 19, 2011 at 7:15 am by newsfrombree  - 

One of the best things about running a website like is to see how fans express their fandom for the words and works of J.R.R. Tolkien. In the following video, Ringer Rosemary and a few friends combine their fandom with creativity to make a ‘Lord of the Rings’ Rap. Way to go Rosemary!

Posted in Concerts, Creations, Events, Fans, Lord of the Rings, LotR Books, LotR Movies, Other Events, Community on June 19, 2011 by Source: YouTube Tolkien fans are awesome! LOTR Rap | Discuss
The One Ring

6 responses to “Tolkien fans are awesome! LOTR Rap”

  1. i base more on Tolkien metal.. 😀

  2. cfrankb says:

    way back when there was this guy named Saurontook over the world so that hope seemed far gonegave a bunch of bling to elves, dwarves and kingsnever tellin them he’d made a master ringthings were rappin up till he killed the king of gondorthen he got a lil’something he didn’t plan forEseldor was upset that he killed the kingso he took a broken swordand cut off the ringthe master of the ringwas for now destroyedand the people of the landwere all overjoyedbut Eseldor didn’t do just what Elrond said,he took the ring and ranso he wound up deadhe should have thrown it into the mount called Doom where it could be destroyed in its firey fumes but instead he gave in to his greedy viceand soon all of middle earthwould have to pay the price Bilbo was a hobbitwho though small was bravehe found the one ringlost in Gollum’s cave he took it back home to his hood called the Shirewhere he had just planned to smoke weed and retirebut the power of the ringwas a little too strongmade him feel weakthough it made him live longhe had an old friend his name was Gandalf the Greyhe had some advicehe said to give it awayso Bilbo didto his nephew called FrodoGandalf was pleasedbut then he was like ‘Oh no”this is Sauron’s ring the one from way back whenBilbo must have picked it uplost in Gollum’s denYou got to hit the road’ he said’Frodo my ladthe Nazgul are comingand thats really bad!they’re servants of the dark lordkings of the pasta day spent with them son could be your last’ So Frodo fledwith his gardener Samand with Merry and Pipthey decided to scramthey met this guy Strider who knew Gandalf wellhe took them to this fancy place called Rivendellthere there was a meeting called to figure out a planand lots and lots of stuff was saidthey didn’t understandbut finally they decided that the ring must be destroyedand frodo volunteered himselfsaid he would be their boyGandalf said he’d go with himto help him on his waysome others said they’d come alongto fight and save the dayGimli some of Gloin the dwarfStrider ranger from the north who’s Aragorn the future king and Boromir who likes the ringLegolas with bow in handMerry, Pippen, always SamNine of them there was in allthe fellowship is what they’re calledGrand adventures lay in store fighting battlesblood and goreYou should really take a lookwatch the movie read the bookAll the way to Return of the KingIt’s whatsup yo, it’s Lord of the Rings

  3. Home School says:


  4. Steve Davala says:

    does anyone know where this is filmed? looks like a camp i go to for Outdoor School in Oregon… Twin Rocks Friends Camp?

  5. Rarnold000 says:

    yep. thats where it was.

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