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Enjoy the Show and Share your FOTR Ex Experience!

June 14, 2011 at 3:29 pm by newsfrombree  - 

For those of you attending a screening of The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition tonight, don’t forget to email us when you get home. We would love to know about your experience and feel free to send us some photos. You can email them to . We’ll try our best to post as much as we can. Or, if you are on Facebook, share your photos and stories on our wall. We’ve also set up a special photo album.

Have a great time tonight! And for those of us who are not near a theater showing the Extended edition, plop in the DVD at home tonight and follow right along! [TORn on Facebook] [Buy Tickets] []


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10 responses to “Enjoy the Show and Share your FOTR Ex Experience!”

  1. Kayley Hyde says:

    I was thinking of taking video at each of the three screenings and make a video about the experience as a whole for my channel. Should I send it in if I do that? 🙂 So excited! 

  2. Shadow says:

    I’m officially boycotting Regal Cinemas in Bowie, MD from here on out. Over an hour after the original 7pm start time, the movie still had NOT started, so we left. The theater did comp us our tickets, but that’s beside the point, since this was a one time event. Feeling like Gollum.

  3. jrmac says:

    There was no introduction at my theater. Anyone else?

  4. Elbyrd15 says:

    Thrilled to see FOTR-Ex tonight in Port Chester, NY.. First time for Fellowship on the big screen.  What a way to spend a Tuesday night!   Took 12 year old Molly who was overwhelmed.  Can’t wait for next Tuesday. 

  5. Greenie says:

    We just got back from a showing in Daphne, AL (east side of the Mobile Bay) It was great 🙂 I have to say tho, that there were only about 20 people there… I was surprised. I am sure there are more LOTR fans in this area than that. I did notice that there were no posters out or any indication on the outside of the theater that FOTR was showing this evening… Hopefully more will share in the experience next week. It was GREAT to meet other LOTR fans 🙂

  6. Bob Burns says:

    Is there a reason that was the best looking FotR I’ve ever seen? I saw the extended version of FotR along with the extended TT in a very good theater before a midnight of RotK, so I’m really asking about the quality of the images. It was visually overwhelming…. in a very good way

  7. Atrus_dreaming says:

    Just got back. Seeing FotR in theaters again was like going back in time to that amazing time where our lives seemed to constantly intersect with Lord of the Rings. We were fans, and when the films took the world by storm, it somehow felt like community. 

    I feel such gratitude for the team that made these films. I was 16 when I saw Fellowship in theaters for the first time. I am a filmmaker today because of the profound nature of that experience. It is an amazing gift to be able to go back and re-experience a taste of such an amazing time in all of our lives.

  8. Yogini says:

    I live in Torrance, California; just got back from the screening of Fellowship.  It was wonderful to see it on the big screen again, and, to my surprise, there were two people in my row that had never, ever seen the film.  They thoroughly enjoyed it. 

  9. Rweasley89 says:

    It was beyond words. So good that I don’t even want to talk about it for fear of forgetting its amazingness!! I cried 

  10. Neudawn says:

    Our theater was full.  Originally set to play in a smaller theater, there were so many presales they bumped us to the larger room.  Our intro was very well received.  I could tell there were a lot of fans in the theater.  The movie was wonderful and I can’t believe how fast the time flew went.  I think my favorite moment was at the end when the credits started.  One young man stood up and said “I will see all of you next week.”  It felt as if I was in a theater with a room full of friends.

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