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‘Disturber of the Peace’ Art Print from Weta Collectibles

May 13, 2011 at 7:12 am by elessar  - 


The other morning in my email inbox, the weekly Weta Collectibles newsletter was sitting there waiting to be read. Of course as any fan does I opened ready to see if there was anything that I had to get into my collection. As I had hoped there was something that I will have to add as it’s really something I think you all should grab as well.

The crew from Weta has announced the ‘Disturber of the Peace‘ art print. Obviously, the name of this piece comes from when Gandalf entered Hobbiton and meets up with Frodo. The print however captures the scene as Gandalf The Grey knocks on Bilbo’s little gate door as they prepare for his 111th birthday. This piece has an amazing view of not only that moment but you get a truly beautiful look of the Shire as a whole.

Ben Wooten is the artist who is responsible for one of the best looking Lord of the Rings prints around. Mr. Wooten who for five years worked at Weta did work on movies like The Lord of the Rings and King Kong. He no longer works at Weta but when he did a couple of well know pieces he had a hand in where the Ringwraith on Steed and the Balrog from the statue line.

Disturber of the Peace‘ can be bought right now on Weta’s website and will be autographed by Mr. Wooten himself. The price of this art print is only $35 plus shipping which for an art print of this quality is a steal. Once framed this piece will look even more exceptional on your wall so please don’t pass up a chance to order this now. [Order]

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2 responses to “‘Disturber of the Peace’ Art Print from Weta Collectibles”

  1. BirchSama says:

    It should be mentioned that only the first 100 were signed and they are  all sold. If you buy it now you get the unsigned edition.

  2. GillGalad says:

    The signed copies are already sold out! 

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