1. Andrew

    Youtube video has no audio.

  2. Zoniax

    I can’t for the life of me understand WHY Jackson wants this. Double the framerate= home videos. Completely ruins the experience.

    I saw Public Enemies, which was also filmed at a high FPS. I walked out of that theatre and didn’t even KNOW whether I liked the movie or not, because the whole 3 hours looked like it was shot on a camcorder. It’s so unnecessary and jarring.

    Closer to reality? Why am I watching a fantasy film about dragons and dwarves and hobbits, again? High FPS takes you out of the film and leaves you in the cold.

    No thanks, PJ. If this movie isn’t available in theatres in non-3D, 24 FPS, I WILL wait for the DVD/Blu Ray.

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