Announcing a full range of Pre and Post cruise options for the Cruise to Middle-earth, as well as LOTR Location tours during the cruise, now available. Please follow the link to see a description of all the optional tours and how they will fit into the overall itinerary of the cruise. Visits to Hobbiton, Edoras and Rohan are all there, as well as Australian locations such as the Blue Mountains or a climb on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I’ve made them optional so you can customize your trip Down Under, arriving and departing when you need to. Please contact me for any questions and to book your trip while it is still available. Click the ‘continue reading’ button below to see pictures from the last adventure! [Cruise Website]


  1. Sauronette

    Woooooow….. People who go to that cruise are really lucky…. All of you- have fun for us, who don’t have that chance, too 🙂 Please!

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