Turbine has just released two new batches of assets for The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) and Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited (DDO). LOTRO – Spring Festival – Screenshots – In celebration of LOTRO’s 4th anniversary, a Spring Festival begins, featuring a new hedge maze, a “Stomp-a-Shrew” event in the Festival Gardens, and the new Ale Association, founded by the Dwarves of Thorin’s Hall to rival the Hobbits’ Inn League! For more information about the LOTRO Spring Festival, click here.

DDO Update 9 – Screenshots

New screens depict the new Harbinger of Madness adventure pack being added with Update 9, showing players on the hunt for the missing Saltire townsfolk, as they traverse the uncharted sewers near the Stormreach harbor. Update 9 will also introduce updates to Crafting, new attack animations, boosted spells and more prestige Enhancement lines, among other updates. For more information about DDO’s Update 9, click here.


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