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Orlando Bloom Confirms His Involvement In The Hobbit

April 7, 2011 at 9:05 am by Earl  - 

In an exclusive interview with, Orlando Bloom confirms he’s been in talks to return as Legolas in Peter Jackson’s upcoming Hobbit films.

Excerpts from the interview follow:

Collider: Are you going to appear in The Hobbit?

Bloom: Yeah, it’s looking like that. I’m really excited about going to see Pete [Jackson] again. It’s still a little up in the air, but the idea of working with Pete is fantastic. I can’t actually really talk too much about it, at this point. I just was given the script to piece through, so it’s quite exciting.

Collider: The whole script?

Bloom: Yeah!

Collider: Will you have to do anything to physically prepare for that role again?

Bloom: Are you telling me that I’ve put on weight, in the last 10 years? I just have to grow my hair really long and blonde again.

Collider: Isn’t he a younger version?

Bloom: Yeah.

There’s a lively discussion going on over at our message boards with fans speculating (both seriously and in jest!) the role Legolas will have in the films. Join in the fun!

Posted in Casting Rumors, Hobbit Movie, Orlando Bloom, Peter Jackson on April 7, 2011 by Source: Orlando Bloom Confirms His Involvement In The Hobbit | Discuss
Check out the Bilbo Contract from WETA Workshop

14 responses to “Orlando Bloom Confirms His Involvement In The Hobbit”

  1. YES!!!!!!!! (dancin’ like a mad fool)

  2. what happens with ARAGORN O THE DUNEDAINS?????



  5. marcod says:

    it’s going to be another cool movie! i love LOTR!!!!

  6. marcod says:

    it’s going to be another cool movie! i love LOTR!!!!

  7. Brazilianick says:

    wow the interviewer is an asshole! “isn’t he a younger version?” wow…. and this is in a country where men and women are suppose to do be equal!! You would never say something like that to a woman, but men can take anything, can’t they?

  8. Mary Aseltyne says:

    sigh, I was hoping that THIS TIME, Peter Jackson would have STUCK TO THE STORY and not dragged in anyone that wasn’t part of The Hobbit

  9. Mary Aseltyne says:

    At the time The Hobbit takes place, Aragorn is around 14 years of age… he might be in the movie, as a resident of Rivendell, but if they cast Viggo Mortenson again then they are trashing Tolkien’s universe

  10. Tatiana says:

    Yes!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hobby says:

    Still waiting for an actual yes to put to rest all those rumours. For now at least the interview confirms that he has seen the script.

  12. Victor says:

    You guys that are all about THE STORY need to understand that Legolas can make a completely legitimate appearence in this movie…. **1) In Mirkwood, standing with his father King Thranduil and the Elves  2) At the Battle of the Five Armies, watching Legolas shoot down some Orcs & Wargs.** he doesn’t have to say a word in the movies, which is perfectly fine and actually what i’m hoping for so that Peter stays true to the story, but this is something completely acceptable and awesome, that i had even thought about it 9 years ago when LotR was in theaters!!

  13. ILikeCookies!Mwahaha! says:

    OMG! He has to be in the movie! And he has to have lines in it! i will be extremely angry if he’s there and i don’t get to hear his amazing voice! I’m just saying, most people really don’t care how well it relates to the book (well it has to in someways, but stuff can still be added and taken out). I will die if he isn’t in this movie and has a good part in it! I love you Orlando Bloom!

  14. Lúthien says:

    Why the hell did Legolas get a part in the movie? I mean he appear once in the books and no more!
    No, not even that, he is MENTIONED once!
    Why not drag in Gimli in everything, and have Viggo play Aragorn again.
    Sorry! I really look forward to this movie, but this kinda makes me depressed…

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