The LA Times ’24 Frames’ blog has an interview with rumored Hobbit participant, Saiorse Ronan, which reveals a significant statement about PJ’s adaptation of The Hobbit to film. Among other highlights in the article is the following statement from Ms. Ronan:

“Pete is adding a lot of characters in the film adaption,” she said. “Hopefully they have a part for me.”

This lines up with long standing rumors that a character named ‘Itaril’ has been added to the movie and Ms. Ronan is queued up for the role.

Itaril is described in unofficial casting call sheets as: female, A woodland Elf, this character is one the Silvan Elves. The Silvan Elves are seen as more earthy and practical. Shorter than other elves, she is still quick and lithe and physically adept, being able to fight with both sword and bow. Showing promise as a fighter at a young age, ITARIL was chosen to train to become part of the Woodland King’s Guard. This is the only life she has ever expected to live, until she meets and secretly falls in love with a young ELF LORD. This role will require a wig and contact lenses to be worn. Some prosthetic make-up may also be required. LEAD. AGE: 17-27.

Time will tell, but odds are we’ll be seeing Saiorse Ronan in this role for The Hobbit. Saiorse also mentioned that The Hobbit will be ‘a little bit lighter than ‘Lord of the Rings’.’ Read the full interview at the LA Times [Read on]


  1. d d

    Why? This is just stupid in my opinion. It’s enough to turn me away from the movie. Many have read this beautiful classic over and over and over in the lovely rhythm of Tolkien’s prose. It cheapens it. Probably won’t bother with the movie now.

  2. Nope, don’t like it one little bit. There is NO she-elf in the book and there is no place for this one. Why not invent a wife for Bilbo while you’re at it????? How about a warrior son for Gandalf????? Just plain stupid.

    • Home School

      that’s just how I feel!!!!! You don’t need a stupid girl and a stupid love story to sell movie tickets!!! The Hobbit film will be fine if THEY LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!! I bet Miley Cyrus could be Frodo’s girlfriend…

  3. Merie

    Oh no, WHY??? Also, can we have a new poll please? Maybe one regarding this topic?

  4. Fingolfin

    She hasn’t read the script and isn’t in new zealand even though production has started and every other actor is there. She also said that “it would be great” I’m still hoping this Itaril nonsense is still just a rumor and that this girl is not actually involved. I really hope this is a rumor.

  5. Blair

    Not really news unless someone forgot about f’ing Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, and Orlando Bloom returning.

  6. Ugg, I trust the guy, but shoehorning characters into an already classic story hardly seems necessary. Only time will tell I suppose.

  7. Anonymous

    Part of what made Lord of the Rings so great as a movie is that it was so faithful to the book (as much as you can be faithful in a completely different medium). I will be very upset if PJ starts rewriting the Hobbit. Write your own book; don’t rewrite someone else’s.

    This is just conjecture right now, though, so I hope it’s not true.

  8. Grendal

    Enough with the endless, pointless, boring speculation about characters that were in a fake (yes fake!) casting call! There is no Itaril! There is no Elf Lord!! Saoirse Ronan has not been cast! All lead characters have been cast and they are filming the movie with them! Yes, there will be minor characters cast along the way, no doubt some with be ex-LOTR characters, but even so, we are talking about minor, supporting, cameo characters.

    • anon

      Apparently she has been cast, and at the top of the list at IMDB. Itaril? Maybe she gives great sword. PJ should be careful that sword doesn’t slit his own wrists.

      • Grendal

        No she has not been cast – IMDb is updated by users who have decided to add her in because of these false rumours. She tops the list only because her IMDb Starmeter ranking is higher than all the other actors (rumoured or real). It’s a complete load of rubbish.

  9. Tauriel

    I really hope that all this nonsense about “a young female Elf who secretly falls in love with an Elf Lord@” is either a) false rumour, or b) just a very small part used to flesh out the story (like those two kids in TTT who escaped from a village attacked by the Wild Men and brought the news to Edoras).

  10. Grendal

    Someone out there is having a massive belly-laugh about all this Itaril stuff – I bet they cannot believe how seriously it is being taken!

  11. Fenris

    PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! LOL It is not cool to just throw in random made-up characters and stories. Grendal’s words give me comfort though. Let’s hope that Pete pulls through for us. 🙂

  12. Elphaba

    As an actor myself, I am against the concept of “child-stars” (and by that I mean of the school/college age). While some do go on to enjoy successful careers (the perfect example being Elijah Wood), many find that they have missed out many of the things that their peers enjoyed throughout childhood.

    PJ –
    Please, please, PLEASE don’t put this young girl, or any young girl for that matter, into this movie. It would not bring anything to the storyline, and therefore isn’t worth the risk.

    Take my advice… concentrate on your education for the next few years. You are very young, and are working in a brutal industry. I have seen several “child actors” come to later regret heading into the industry so young, even though they had a successful start. A career in acting you can begin at any time in your life, but you only have one childhood.

  13. Joe M

    ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!!!!!! PJ Made good visuals with the trilogy. My Favorite movies ever. However with that being said, I read the books way before the movies were even thought of and frankly (despite the films being very good) I was let down on TONS of issues, character portrayal and story deviation taking a resounding first place. Please don’t botch the story with a bunch of BS! Use the Appendices and Book of Lost/Unfinished Tales, not freestyled drama.

  14. Mikebell90

    Hope this is limited. Look – a little fleshing out could certainly occur in stategic points. (the times below assume two movies – can’t recall if this is still the plan). Here’s what I’m guessing:

    a) more about the white council and the necromancer – saruman/galadriel cameos (10 mins)
    b) a little more about the wood elves, and throwing in the legolas cameo (3-5 mins)
    c) a little more about the townspeople of lake town and bard, who are not particularly well described in the book. (3-5 mins)
    d) a random aragorn cameo at rivendell (2 mins)
    e) An inevitable quaint gaffer cameo and sacksvillebaggins bit (5 mins, pays for Hobbiton set)
    f) Flesh out the dwarf war with the goblins of moria (5-7 minutes).
    g) Flesh out the dwarfs/Dain arriving to help Thorin at Lonely Mountain – throw in Gimli (3-5 minutes)

    Total: up to about 40 mins padding

    Honestly only a) is something I really would care to see, but the rest could be done. But you start to really violate the fabric of the story, something I’ve been a bit worried about since I heard two movies would be made.

  15. Lloyd

    Yeah this is kind of Stupid. I hope its just BS, or we might have a cheesey romance scene out of Star Wars Episode 3

  16. presto

    some cameo appearances in the 1st film makes sense.During the battle of 5 armies in the 2nd film many cameo appearances as well as during the white council attack of dol guldur makes sense.saurons form as the necromancer
    will be interesting to see.perhaps at the end of the film we will see the balrog of moria awaken.maybe the nine as well.

  17. Kiki_khurana

    Honestly PJ, do you have that little faith in TH for entertaining us? If it didn’t entertain us, you wouldn’t be putting it on film.
    GET. ITARIL. OUT. We don’t need some poncy female warrior who goes all ‘holy light’ and tops every Mary Sue in the fandom.

  18. Myri_nb

    I wonder if the “young ELF Lord” is Legolas LOL
    please Peter dont ruin our imagination!

  19. Myri_nb

    I wonder if the “young ELF Lord” is Legolas LOL
    please Peter dont ruin our imagination!

  20. Z. W. Van Kleeck

    The way the hobbit is written, when the group is captured by the elves in the woods, Bilbo says stuff like ” After 3 months of charting their gaurd routes, I finally found a wake to break them out.”

    I don’t think a movie would sit well with this kind of narrative. I’m fine with speculating that Bilbo utilizes  “Itaril” as a way to break them out.

    Books can get away with things that movies can’t and movies can do things that books cant. PJ did a good job maintaining LOTR, why would he stop doing that now?

    Lets suppose that PJ is going to be as talented if not more talented now than he was when he made the LOTR movies.

    2 cents: Cast.

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