The Telegraph reports today that Sir Ian Holm, who portrayed Bilbo to perfection in the Lord of the Rings, was contacted previously to reprise his role as an “older Bilbo” in the upcoming Hobbit films, but he hasn’t heard back from the producers since. Excerpts from the Telegraph’s article follow:

“I don’t know what’s happening,” the 79-year-old actor admitted to me at the Saatchi Gallery. “I haven’t heard anything for weeks.”

“I had great fun playing Baggins in the first two films and the plan had been, with Martin Freeman playing Young Baggins, I would be the Old Baggins,” he adds. “I suppose the earthquake in Christchurch couldn’t have helped with communications.”

Sophie de Stempel, Sir Ian’s wife, tells me: “I worry that the film has run into so much bad luck that they might have missed their chance altogether.”

Here’s hoping we get to see Sir Ian Holm in the character of the memorable old Bilbo once again. In case you’re interested, the topic is already being discussed over at our message boards.


  1. Joe

    If they are bringing back Elijah as Frodo they just have to bring back Ian as old bilbo!

  2. Anonymous

    I would of thought the scenes with old Bilbo and the ones with Saruman at the White Council would of been the first ones shot given ,shall we say , the maturity of both Sir Ian Holm and Sir Christopher Lee.

  3. elfinstone

    Here’s hoping that Ian Holm will get the call soon. We had Elijah Woods, Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee all confirmed as starters almost in unison. Sir Ian Holm also desired to reprise his role in The Hobbit as much as Sir Christopher Lee and the others. Why they left him out temporarily for now is a mystery.

  4. elfinstone

    Recently there was an influx of a few thespians who were confirmed starters for the The Hobbit. Many of their profiles are on this or other websites.

    I am dissappointed that Sir Ian Holm was not part of that “starter” pack. He, as well as many of the originals spent many hours behind the scenes in secret talks. For some it was yes for others they got neither a yes or a no and are still waiting for that elusive phone call.

    For Sir Ian, this means it is still open and I am one of those people who believe that he will make the cut.

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