is intimately tied to our friends in New Zealand. With the loss of life, injuries and damaged caused by the recent earthquake, we are all very concerned for our brothers and sisters. While you may be thousands of miles away, you can help. Here is a listing of charitable entities helping in the recovery efforts. We understand this is a tough economic time for many, but if you can, please support them.

If you are unable to donate, please send your well wishing and prayers for those affected by this latest tragedy. Thanks to Ringer Beowulf for posting this link list in a previous thread comments.


  1. Fossilmusic

    I cannot contribute, but will definitely be praying for the success of the relief efforts.

    • Anonymous

      Do what you can.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for putting up the links to the charities I posted earlier, please note the Salvation army one is under the ‘ Canterbury Earthquake Appeal’.
    Any help you can give to help our Kiwi friends will be great.

  3. Zexetor

    Dear friends, our hearts and the hearts of the American people are with you. We are praying for your safety –

  4. Shatho

    New Zealand is in our prayers

  5. Shatho

    New Zealand is in our prayers

  6. Ithiliel

    Love and prayers to those affected. May a bright new day come, “and when it does, may it shine out the clearer;”

  7. CoastalGal

    God Bless those affected by the earthquake in NZ

  8. Flockodessa

    I’m too far from New Zeland fnd can’t help exept my pray and wishes then all who still alive will be save.

  9. Red Cross website down but they have suggested you can donate through choose Red Cross.

  10. Braley1600

    I just wanted to thank you for posting the website addresses so people can help the people of New Zealand. Even with the economic hardships all over, there is plenty of positive energy to send their way… it starts with each of us and goes from there. Thank you.

  11. Julee

    Times are tough for us all,but it pales in comparision to what the people of Christchurch are going through.We can all spare a few dollars at least I’m sure..

  12. Maggie52 Ross

    Dear people you are in the thoughts and prayers of the many many people in England praying for you
    God Bless

  13. Annie Marie1990

    the british cross is not taking donations from my card 🙁 i hope nz is okay…

  14. tirevy

    I’m so sorry.. New Zealand, you’re in our hearts and prayers. Don’t give up hope!

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