SYDNEY — New Zealand is reeling after a second massive earthquake in five months hit the south island city of Christchurch Tuesday, killing at least 65 people and causing widespread destruction in the city’s central business district. New Zealand prime minister John Key described the quake as “New Zealand’s darkest day.” Film New Zealand and the New Zealand Film Commission, however, have told The Hollywood Reporter that no film or TV productions have been impacted. Production on The Hobbit, which is due to start March 21, appears to be unaffected immediately by the Christchurch quake. The Hobbit is being made in Wellington, situated on the North Island of NZ, while Christchurch is on the South Island, a seven-hour ferry ride and drive from Wellington, or less than an hour by air. More..


  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting the link I submitted, sadly the death toll is now 75.

  2. Eruviel Tindomerel

    Oh thank goodness. We cannot afford more delays. I’m glad they’re safe, now I can focus more of my attention to those in harms way.

  3. Tokyo Bill

    Oh good, that can keep making a fantasy movie, while real people die. Must not let the deaths of real people stop this film!

    • DB

      Hop down off that soapbox and open your wallet for disaster relief if you’re so mightily offended, Bill.

    • Georgielotr87

      i myself live in Chch, yes we are affected at the moment, but it is nice to see things continuing on like normal elsewhere, that is what i crave at the moment. we will get through this!

  4. Tinaz12

    Please!!!! if you can please donate to the Christchurch earthquake!!!!
    go to for details.

  5. Legolas042


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