1. Jasonguill

    Good job. Glad Pete is out…lets get this movie filmed.

  2. TheGreenWood

    I could see Ronan as playing an elf in the background scenes of Thranduil’s court, but I find it appalling that Jackson is writing his own characters and then giving them fairly important supporting roles. I’m not a rabid purist, but this is more than I can handle. Add bits from the appendices, certainly, use characters Tolkien wrote (such as Galadriel), but having the elves lead the dwarves from Rivendell is just absurd. Do they think that we wouldn’t sit and watch the dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf? Is a film not good enough without some elves to sigh over in every scene? Now we can hear the same weak “elves don’t like dwarves and vice versa” jokes that we heard in the last three films. I was very excited for this movie until recently. Will it do well in the box office? Yes, but I’m still deeply troubled for the quality of the story.

    • Blakjakhill

      You never know….he could’ve dug the character for Ronan out of the books somewhere. The rumor is that she will be playing an elf named Itaril, right? Itaril is Quenya for Idril, which in the books was the name of the Mother of Earendil the Mariner and Grandmother of Elrond of Rivendell. I think we should trust in Peter’s vision. He created such a masterpiece with LOTR, why would he not do the same again?

  3. Since the LOTR films seem to have been something akin to a family affair, I’m very happy that so many of the cast and crew are returning to film “The Hobbit”–even if they have to add to the story just a bit to include some extra characters (such as Frodo, Galadriel, and Legolas) who weren’t named in the book. I believe that their inclusion, if done properly, can still ring true to Professor Tolkien’s incredible world.
    I can’t wait. Thanks a billion, PJ and company–and to theonering.netters, as well.

  4. Austen

    How dare the cast Saoirse Ronan as Itharil! No offense to her, somebody had to get the part, but why did they have to throw in all these extra characters! If they have a romance between Itaril and Legolas, I will puke all over the movie!

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