When we posted a sketch of Smaug, little did we know the passion it would unleash. One of the great mysteries about “The Hobbit” films will be the design of Smaug, one of the most influential dragons in all of popular culture. Many have an idea of what the great worm should look like but only people behind the scenes know for sure and they aren’t talking. Thanks to forum member and Ringer Blueman for emailing us his sketch (on the right) to get the party started.  The sketch that gets the most ‘Likes’ will win a copy of the BBC Lord of the Rings radio play! Good luck to you all! [TORN Facebook]


  1. Anonymous

    The way GDT explained his concept of a more snake like Dragon and a flying axe made me think of this


  2. Rsdhanoa

    I have viewed the sketches of Smaug , and i’m afraid i am in the half that do not like the designs. I believe Del Toro snake type dragon cannot be Smaug as this design must be the king of all Dragons, which these clearly are not. For Peter Jackson to nail the design I believe he should as he did in the LOTR trilogy, put his faith in that of Alan Lee.

    I recently bought The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings book boxset illustrated by Alan Lee and the look of Smaug shown on page 310 is exactly how i would have pictured Smaug back when i first read The hobbit aged 14, (i’m now 29) just imagin what weta digital could do with this design, fully rendered 3D, coloured, is too exciting.

    I must admit i did like the dragon design in the movie ‘Reign Of Fire’
    just wonder what every one else thinks.



    • Anonymous

      ‘Reign of Fire’ did have some impressive Dragon’s in it -I remember ‘Dragon Slayer’ , ‘Beowulf’ and enjoyed Eustace in ‘Voyage of the Dawn Treader’. But as you say Smaug is THE Dragon -the king of all his kind. Alan Lee and John Howe will have to make the iconic Dragon of our times (no pressure then!) , I have every faith in them and PJ (get well soon).

  3. I have to agree with some of the other comments on here. I do not like what I heard of GDT’s ideas. I love GDT but am very happy he has parted ways with this movie. Thorin with thorns is the perfect example of not quite getting it.

  4. Phill2

    We already know what Smaug looked like. Tolkien provided some very clear illustrations of the Great Worm.

    • Anonymous

      Yes and I will post a few links to those illustrations.

  5. elfinstone

    The contribution that Del Toro gave whilst waiting for the go ahead of this Hobbit movie should be acknowledged in some way both in practice and theory. His talent should at least be seen in the movie.

  6. JRR Tolkien’s concept of Smaug is much more like the description of del Toro’s sketches than what Alan Lee or other “Tolkien artists” have ever come up with. See http://live.hollywoodjesus.com/?p=7100

  7. Ravenwood

    When is the deadline to submit entries for the Smaug contest?

  8. Channy

    My Smaug.



    • Anonymous


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