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Sean Astin & Dom Monaghan Not in The Hobbit…At Least Not As Sam and Merry

January 20, 2011 at 10:07 pm by xoanon  - 

Theodred posted this over on our message boards and I thought it was post worthy: Access Hollywood video-interviewed Sean Astin and Dominic Monaghan about their involvement in The Hobbit (among other stuff), and both said they’re probably not in The Hobbit.


Laura Saltman: “it was just announced Elijah Wood is gonna do it, what about you?”
Dominic Monaghan: “I don’t think I’m gonna do it, because I’m not alive. The Hobbit is based a long time before Lord of the Rings, so we’re not born yet, where as Elijah I think is gonna do some stuff like flashback thing with Bilbo. I might go out with Elijah and just hang out on set and wave at people and say: employ me, employ me. But no, I’m excited.”
LS: “But what if they put some make-up on you, and make you just look not like you?””
DM: “Yeah, I could be like an orc or an Uruk-hai. No, I’d be excited to do that.”

Sean Astin


Laura Saltman: “Speaking of The Hobbit, are you not part ot that, because you weren’t born basically?”
Sean Astin: “They could do whatever they want, but my character, Samwise Gamgee does not appear in The Hobbit story as it’s in the book, so, you know, I know that Elijah is gonna do it, I think I just read in the paper. I’m just kind of excited just to see how they’re gonna do it. They’ve got a lot of different ways to go about it. So yeah, I don’t think Samwise will gonna be there.”
LS: “You never know, you could put some make-up on, movie make-up and just be another character, right?”
SA: “I just crash the set,yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

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Sean Astin & Dom Monaghan Not in The Hobbit…At Least Not As Sam and Merry | Discuss

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4 responses to “Sean Astin & Dom Monaghan Not in The Hobbit…At Least Not As Sam and Merry”

  1. Narya says:

    And Aragorn?? What about Aragorn?? U_U

  2. Alliverdavis says:

    ,,,,, one of my favorite character is missing…… SAMWISE GAMGEE…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    ……one of my favorite character is not in the movie….. SAMWISE GAMGEE……………..

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