Spy Tomper sends in a report that Mikael Persbrandt has been cast for an unknown roll in ‘The Hobbit.’ The link we were sent isn’t in English but our spy reports, “He is one of the best known actors in Sweden today,” and “(he) is known for playing macho characters and a rather stiff way of acting.” So there you go!

(8AM ET) UPDATE: Thanks to Ringer Indil for sending in a translation of the article. Key points…Role is currently not known, however we do know it is ‘nordic.’ The article claims Cate Blanchett is returning (not yet announced) and that Mikael has already taken part in wardrobe testing. His agent has no comment related to the rumor.

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He’s ready – for the Hobbit

Nojesbladet (Swedish entertainment magazine) reveals: Mikael Persbrandt involved in LOTR sequel: He is very excited.

Mikael Persbrandt – as a hobbit.

Nojesbladet reveals that the swedish actor is ready for the Hollywood feature “The Hobbit”. – He is very excited about this, says a source.

A few weeks ago Nojesbladet revealed that Mikael Persbrandt, 47, will be starring as agent Carl Hamilton
in a new film based on Jan Guillous hit books.

Now comes the next revelation: The swedish actor has landed a role in the Hollywood megaproduction “The Hobbit” based on JRR Tolkiens book by the same name. Mikeal Persbrandts part in the blockbuster is unclear, but information points to the character having nordic ties. Persbrandt will be joining Hollywood greats such as actress Cate Blanchett and director Peter Jackson, who also directed “the Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

– He is very excited about this. He is looking forward to doing a Hollywood film, says a source.

Wardrobe testing
According to information gathered Mikael Persbrandt has already tested wardrobe which might be used in
the film. The shooting including Persbrandt will take place over the course of a few weeks in the beginning of next year. The film is planned to be released in December 2012 in the US. Mikael Persbrandts agent, Peter Jansson, is taciturn when approached by Nojesbladet.
– No comment.
– Do you deny this information?
– I have no comment as regarding to it.

“Difficult and challenging”

Nojesbladet’s filmcritic Jens Peterson visited the sets of “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King” in New Zealand. He things that Mikael Persbrandt will be met with many challenges.

– I have seen what a hard and demanding filmworld Peter Jackson creates. No Hollywood comforts there, he says.

– To land a role in “The Hobbit” must feel very special. These are films that will go on living for a long time and will most likely keep a very high artistic level. A memorable effort on “The Hobbit” will certainly lead to more roles. This is a unique chance, says Jens Peterson.

Nojesbladet has tried to reach Mikael Persbrandt for a comment, to no avail.