The BBC has a great interview with actor Sylvester McCoy today that, again, confirms his role as Radagast the Brown in the upcoming Hobbit Films. We are pasting the relevant parts below, but make sure you check out the full interview with some other juicy tidbits at the BBC site.

With the internet awash with casting rumours, how much can McCoy actually say? After all, his role has not been officially announced.

Sylvester McCoy played the Doctor on TV from 1987 to 1989. “I can’t say anything! I don’t even know if I’ve said too much already,” he admits.

“I’ve already got my wrist gently tapped. I just want to tell the world about it… I know it’s all bubbling away and plans are being made.” McCoy is no stranger to Peter Jackson. He was down to the last two for the role of Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings.

“The other actor got it, and that was Ian Holm,” says McCoy. How does he feel about just missing out on such a major part?

“In a way you think, what a pity Ian Holm wasn’t working that week,” he says wistfully.

“But at the same time it was an honour to be up against Ian. He won, and he’s a brilliant actor.

“As an actor this happens all the time. You never know which way things go.”

That also holds true for the Hobbit’s drawn-out casting process. “When they sent out the character description for the part I’m playing, it says he’s between 57 and 75.

“When it started out I was 57, but it’s taken so long to get to fruition I’m now 75!” (Not so – he is actually 67.)

This reporter’s amateur take? The reason Sylvester has not been officially announced has more to do with adapting The Hobbit for screen and storytelling liberties, than something contract related…but I could be wrong! Afterall, we do already know that Radagast plays no major role in The Hobbit, but his role in the films is rumored to be significant. We are all looking forward to Sylvester and Sir Ian official announcements any day!

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