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Hobbit casting agent fired over racism row

November 29, 2010 at 9:28 pm by xoanon  - 

A casting agent for Wellington producer Sir Peter Jackson’s planned film adaptations of The Hobbit has been dismissed after placing newspaper advertisements seeking extras with “light skin tones”. A spokesman for Wingnut Films, Sir Peter’s production company, told Agence France-Presse the unnamed agent was not directed by the company to make such restrictions. “No such instructions were given,” the spokesman said. “The crew member in question took it upon themselves to do that and it’s not something we instructed or condoned”. More..

Posted in Hobbit Movie, Peter Jackson, The Hobbit on November 29, 2010 by

Daggers of Tauriel

13 responses to “Hobbit casting agent fired over racism row”

  1. Chadz0r says:

    Oversensitive BS. There’s a reason the LOTR cast was all caucasian (negating those in costumes) and it is neither discrimination nor racism to accurately represent the culture of the books.

    Not everything is a racist conspiracy.

  2. Gilgalad30 says:

    Absolutely agree. Ignorant and ridiculous claims by a ridiculous person who either has no understanding whatsoever of the project, or planned to cause more unnecessary trouble for these films. This BS has to be cast aside and forgotten by tomorrow. Let these people make their films already!!

  3. I’m boycotting the Hobbit films now. It’s absolutely outrageous that that casting agent was fired. That’s one of the most unjust decisions I’ve ever seen in my life. Peter Jackson is a complete idiot.

  4. Brazilianick says:

    wow, so stupid! Pretty soon there will be no freedom whatsoever to say or do anything that may somehow, magically provoke those who find everything offensive. The guy was most likely looking for extras to play the elves. If we’re going to have black kids playing elves for the sake of avoiding discrimination, then this is just plain ridiculous!!!

  5. Gilgalad30 says:

    Even if it was his decision, which you can’t be sure it was, such are the complexities of PR damage control. There are massive investments at stake. They can’t have stupid things like this getting in the way of production. What I WOULD consider a boycott-worthy issue is if the producers decided to cast dark-skinned hobbits because of this. That would be unacceptable to any Tolkien fan, simply because it goes against the whole history and culture described in the books. I trust Peter Jackson won’t give in to this because: 1. It would be a jarring inconsistency with respect to the LOTR films. 2. It’s just not respectful to fans or Tolkien.

    The woman crying racism is an idiot and the only racist in the whole situation. Why aren’t all the tall people crying about height-ism?

  6. Jaytor_x1 says:

    I see the PC culture that’s destroying America is pervasive all over the world. I’m waiting for someone to get fired for turning down a white actor trying out as an extra in the next Fridays sequel.

    These are probably the same people who claimed LotR was racist because the orcs were supposed to symbolize the black people of Middle Earth, or some tripe like that.

  7. Yan Shen says:

    I agree as well. The characters are supposed to the Caucasian. It has nothing to do with racism. The multiculturalist kooks really are out of control these days.

  8. DwarfChaser says:

    I agree with you all. I’m dark skinned, and even if I was in a position to be looking for extra work in NZ, I wouldn’t dream of playing the racism card. Hobbits are of course light-skinned. This is BS. ¬.¬

  9. OMG! says:

    This is stupid! the books are based on European mythology, middle earth resembles Europe. Everything in this books is ment for Europeans. WHAT THE HELL, ok so lets say theres are a book about Martin luther king and I wanted to play that role, will I get it? NO, this is so stupid and I hope they keep the Hobbits white looking, as tolkien would want them to.

  10. the reason is ridiculous but
    i didnt find any information about skin color of hobbits in the books I have…
    so, well….

  11. casting says:

    Thank you for sharing with us the article

  12. Éowyn Shieldmaiden says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t think that’s racism. I understand it might come across that way, but – really? I mean, the hobbits are basically supposed to be little Englishmen. I can, however, understand why people are upset. This is an unfortunate circumstance that might have been avoided.
    Dear Lord, people are stupid sometimes. :/

  13. HURIN says:

    Do NOT let this turn into a cheesy, B grade sci fy channel movie – It’s an epic North European Mythology and should be preserved as such. If others don’t like it – they have their own myths and history that could be portrayed in movies.
    Non English looking Hobbits would wreck this very expensive production.
    Hobbits live in an isolated community (The Shire) and are not part of any modern multi-racial world community.
    Don’t screw this up like “Conan the Samoan” “Hiemdal the African”
    or “John Wayne the Mongol”!

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