TORn reported a grass roots effort by some of working folks who call Weta Workshop home. Not sponsored by the effects studio, its owners or bosses, this was an effort by “the people” with a call out to fans to demonstrate why New Zealand was the right place to make “The Hobbit.” Just as the message was set to unleash on the world, Warner Bros announced its decision. But the video lives. Read on:

Hi all,

I’m sure everyone has heard the absolutely brilliant news that the Hobbit will now be staying in New Zealand. I firmly believe this is in no small part due to the massive show of support the public of New Zealand and the world, has shown over the past week. It truly is a tribute to what the filming of The Hobbit in New Zealand means to us all.

As part of the effort to keep the Hobbit where it belongs, we asked people to send in their videos of support. As a celebration of these messages, we have cut together a short film to thank not just those who sent in their videos but, everyone who showed their support at the march, the rally, on the facebook pages, in the Newspaper message, and in all the other forms people put their hand up for our cause. Thank you all!

The video is available for viewing on the YouTube channel where the videos were uploaded here: