What does a Dwarf love doing most in Middle-earth besides mining for gold and jewels and spending countless hours working them into gems and treasures beyond price? How about avenging their forefathers and marching to battle against armies of Orcs?

In the Lord of the Rings, Gimli said,

Give me a row of orc-necks and room to swing and all weariness will fall from me!

So do all Dwarves feel the same? That can be discussed in our message boards.

In the meantime, thanks to Twitter, we know that Fili at least is keen to wield his axe when he sets out next year with his companions on the Quest of Erebor. Here’s what Rob Kazinsky tweeted after the announcement last week that he had been cast in the role of Fili:

thank you all for your support and well wishing, looking forward to some orc slaying!

Sure looks like Sir Peter Jackson has found a Dwarf with the perfect Dwarven attitude.