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CTU spokesperson Helen Kelly: “Peter Jackson is a spoilt brat.”

October 20, 2010 at 1:36 pm by Altaira  - 

Ataahua, one of our Kiwi connections, just posted on our Hobbit discussion board that Helen Kelly, president of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU) has just been interviewed on Newstalk ZB. Highlights:

The move offshore is financially-driven, not actor-driven
“The issue is that countries are offering double the tax breaks (of New Zealand). Warners are in the process of doing as much damage as they can (to the NZ film industry) to get what they want. “New Zealand can compete on films if the tax system is right. We have to have the right financial conditions to compete.” She said New Zealand competes on talent and skills and we shouldn’t have to accept lower overseas conditions to be competitive.

A resolution was close
“We’re working with SPADA. Warners is fully aware that we’re within an inch of resolving this but they’re deciding to go this way. “The union is the way to unionise the film industry, and what is the problem with this? We have manufacturing and call centres going offshore, and are you suggesting that our actors shouldn’t be unionised?”

PJ’s role in the dispute
“Peter Jackson is a spoilt brat, and saying that in this country I know is sacriligious. He organised a meeting last night through Weta Workshop and wound those technicians up with false information. The were played like a fiddle and took the bait. He shared information that we’re forbidden from sharing (and said) it’s the performers’ request to meet that has hurt The Hobbit. It is the fault of Three Foot Seven to move the movie to film The Hobbit.”

Posted in Director news, Hobbit Movie, Locations Sets, New Zealand, Peter Jackson, Studios, The Hobbit, Warner Bros. on October 20, 2010 by
CTU spokesperson Helen Kelly: “Peter Jackson is a spoilt brat.” | Discuss

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8 responses to “CTU spokesperson Helen Kelly: “Peter Jackson is a spoilt brat.””

  1. Joe says:

    What a bunch of BS…Hellen Kelly can blame everyone else if she wants but if it wasn’t for the union’s boycott then I am sure that nothing would have changed and the Hobbit would still have been made in New Zealand.

  2. Mis says:

    What kind of idiot would drive thousands of paying jobs out of her own country in a time of global economic crisis? Especially a president of a union organization? Really?

    Jackson not only created thousands of jobs (not just in the film industry, btw, also for construction, gardeners, medics, drivers and pilots, all of which are employed on a film set), he boosted tourism over the last decade for his entire nation by about NZ$480mil in a single year. You don’t have to like him, Helen, but who, exactly, is the hypocrite here?

  3. Cole says:

    The host is Wingnut, the parasite is Helen Kelly and the (Now Unemployable) Actors Equity. The carrier of the parasite is the MEAA.

    Jeez, Phar Lap, pavlova, underarm bowling, now our film industry… what next from the big country with the little-minded people next door?

    And to Ms Kelly. Can I have your job? I couldn’t possibly make as big a balls-up as you have even if I had been lobotomized.

  4. Minbyongchang says:

    I think New Zealand should boycott Helen Kelly.

  5. former film industry worker says:

    Film industry ‘representatives’ – technicians and the like – protesting the moving of The Hobbit offshore is the equivalent of Chinese sweatshop workers protesting the moving of their Nike factory to another country. Keep us cheaply employed! Keep exploiting our labour, please! What a great call.
    This so-called “New Zealand film industry” is built on the backs of cheap labour, poor work conditions and terrible labour laws, sanctioned by the NZ Govt – and believe it or not, most of those 1200 workers are not New Zealanders. The vast majority of workers for Weta, for example, are brought in from offshore.
    Let me ask you this – of all the “wealth” that’s generated by NZ’s film industry, how much of it actually stays in NZ? The financing comes from offshore, and the profits return offshore. The offshore workers receive their pay checks, and eventually return home. Perhaps they bought a home while here, perhaps they bought a lot of coffees in Wellington. That’s pretty much all the return NZ is getting.
    Wellington will be better off without the sanctioned exploitation of workers that is the so-called ‘NZ film industry.’ As Peter Jackson states, it’s ‘up to Warner Bros’ what happens with this film, and that says it all – it’s not a NZ film at all.

  6. Solomon Wise says:

    As Usual..Unionists..(ironically paid off by Hollywood Big Money it appears) are Raping their own Country.
    Unionists are Communist Mobsters that try to convince the world that we live under the conditions of the industrial Revolution where Rich people who already had the money to build factories paid little to the masses to work and make them more money. From that Communism was Born and a Doomed Century for much of the world. And a Very Bright one for the Rest. Except when dealing with irrational Communist and Dictator States.
    Communism has Killed more citizens of its own non war ravaged regimes than all the wars in 100 years. WW2 and WW1 well included.
    If you don’t like the terms of your job individually…Go where you are respected. If No better place exists swallow your arrogance and accept the pay offered.
    New Zealand and its Future is being massacred by paid off CunTU Reps that are telling the people who want a future in acting and Movies to assume they are being mugged when they are becoming the foundation of a New Major New Zealand Industry for the future of a Dyeing Fading Country!

    Hope is being turned into a Poison Apple.

    Congratulations you Left wing IDIOT COMMIES.


  7. Reality Strikes says:

    What a crock.

    Average wage of a movie employee is double that of average non movie worker.
    Tourism brought in by LOTR trilogy worth around half a billion. All good for NZ.
    If you don’t like the slave wages you get for working in a glamour trade that YOU chose to go into and that pays double the average wage, then I think you are seriously over-valuing yourself. I am sure that you could leave the country with the film and extract your pound of meat elsewhere. Goodbye and good …….

  8. Bridudrum says:

    I believe ,sadly , that Helen is about 3 fathoms out of her depth.
    Helen,when you hang out with the envious,some of it rubs off on your blue collar !

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