Last night’s meeting of New Zealand Actor’s Equity was cancelled, and a planned protest of that meeting by a group of 1000 film technicians turned into a march through the streets of Wellington. It is all part of the latest happenings as New Zealand tries to secure the production of The Hobbit films. The group of film technicians, lead by Sir Richard Taylor, had planned to call for the end of the NZ Actor’s Equity Hobbit film boycott.

Speaking after the technicians’ meeting Sir Richard Taylor, head of WETA Workshop, told TVNZ that the New Zealand film industry was “at some level of peril”.

“The mood is one of great concern … Wellington film technicians want to be heard. They want to be represented in these very bizarre and strange events that are going on right now,” he said.

What does this mean for the production of The Hobbit films? The issue now is ‘where’ the Hobbit films will be filmed. It was assumed from the start that revisiting middle-earth would take place in New Zealand, but with these type of ongoing issues, we could see the production move elsewhere as Peter Jackson stated a few weeks back. is proud to have strong ties to New Zealand and we hope that some resolution can be reached asap.

We have posted a new poll on the site to get your opinion on the location of The Hobbit films, tell us what you think!

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