Did you know Lord of the Rings Online is going Free-to-Play tomorrow? To celebrate the folks at LOTRO have given us 40 ‘LOTRO Head Start Codes’ & ‘500 Point Codes’ to give away! Simply visit our Twitter Page (twitter.com/theoneringnet) follow us and retweet the latest post. Your codes will be sent to you via direct message! Hurry! Only 40 to give away!

To redeem your codes:

1. Create a free account at https://myaccount.turbine.com
2. Enter the Head Start code and follow instructions to create an account.
3. Download the game for free at LOTRO.com
4. Install and launch the game
5. Enter the LOTRO Store and click the “Add Points” button in the top right section
6. Click on REDEEM MY CARD
7. Select Turbine Points Code, then enter the 500 point code in the field and click REDEEM NOW