1. I’m confused… Isn’t this already out?

    Is there another box set coming?

    *EDIT* Nevermind, I am realizing that this is for the release of the films as individuals and not the entire trilogy… Seems silly they would not just do that originally.

  2. Gollumstclair

    This disgusts me and places LoTR in a darkend light! The TE is *out* and it should be remained as the *1 package deal*. Ok, yay for that. What we fans long for are the SE in not just individual packages, but a Special Edition/Limited Edition set! Come on now.. surely you know this, as well! So, step it up and provide! >.<

  3. Two simple words: Extended Editions. As in, where are they?

    I’m not going to buy the Theatrical Editions on blu-ray, box set, individually, in a little wooden box with free chocolates or however they package them. I WANT THE EXTENDED EDITIONS ON BLU-RAY. And when they finally release them, I will have them pre-ordered and book the day off work to watch them.

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