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James Cameron’s Advice To GDT On The Hobbit: “Get Out Of That Thing”

August 14, 2010 at 12:46 pm by Earl  - 

In an article by Australia’s Herald Sun about the re-release of James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D later this month and his upcoming producing role on GDT’s next directorial project At The Mountains Of Madness, there’s some very interesting information on James Cameron’s thoughts on GDT directing The Hobbit.

I was telling him for a long time to get out of that thing because there is only room for one captain on the ship,” Cameron says. “Instinctively I knew that Peter was going to take over and do the movie. Guillermo, to his credit, didn’t listen to me and wanted to do continue and had some great designs – and I have seen all the designs. Of course he would have done a spectacular job, but don’t we want to see Peter do it? He should do it and Guillermo should do his thing. That’s what I told both of them – you should just stay in your corners.

Speaking of the designs for The Hobbit, it might be good to recall that in an interview with James Cameron by Ain’t It Cool News last August on the then to-be-released Avatar, there was mention of James Cameron having seen WETA’s designs for The Hobbit. A snippet from that article reads:

Cameron mentioned that he’d seen some of their [WETA’s] design work on THE HOBBIT and that it really is the original trilogy world created by Weta and Peter Jackson, but with a slight influence of Guillermo del Toro’s style. Cameron said the two styles mix perfectly together.

Back then, GDT used to frequent our message boards, and joined in our discussion about the AICN article. Here’s what he had to say:

For what is worth: Jim and I have been dear friends for over 17 years now. But that has not prevented us being very critical of each other’s work through the years. Just so you know- he would NEVER declare anything like this if he didn’t feel that way. What he saw were very strong designs and maquettes: GOBLINS and their environment, SMAUG (fully designed but without final color / texture), SPIDERS OF MIRKWOOD, MIRKWOOD, STONE TROLLS, WARGS, IRON HILL DWARVES, GUNDABAD ARMY, THRANDUILL’S THRONE ROOM etc, etc and he was delighted. This for me, as his friend, and as a filmmaker, meant a whole lot. You will / may disagree at the end of the process but, I assure you, this IS his opinion.

Posted in Director news, Guillermo Del Toro, Hobbit Movie, The Hobbit on August 14, 2010 by Source: Herald Sun James Cameron’s Advice To GDT On The Hobbit: “Get Out Of That Thing” | Discuss
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9 responses to “James Cameron’s Advice To GDT On The Hobbit: “Get Out Of That Thing””

  1. Redwallcluny says:

    Thank you, James!

    I’ve wanted GDT out of the Hobbit project for a long time.

    He does horror movies; The Hobbit IS NOT A HORROR MOVIE.

  2. Arcanya says:

    Peter Jackson also does horror movies, so that’s no excuse. Nothing wrong with doing something new as a director. I would have loved to see GDT’s Hobbit, but I tend to agree that PJ should do it for the continuity.

  3. MJB says:

    Yet another example of James Cameron’s profound arrogance. Who is he to tell them how to make their movie? No room for two captains? Well then, I guess Lucas and Spielberg shouldn’t have worked together on Indiana Jones, because that turned out so horribly, right?

  4. MJB says:

    Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth are not “horror movies”. In fact, it would be a stretch to call any of GDT’s major projects horror movies. Try again. GDT makes “fantasy movies”, like ‘The Hobbit’, and he is very good at it. He was the perfect director for the job, and he will be missed.

    That’s the exact same complaint people uttered when it was announced that Peter Jackson was making ‘Lord of the Rings’: “but he just does splatter-house horror movies!”

  5. TylerD says:

    And Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez on Sin City wich is one of my favorite movies of all time.

  6. Moriquenda says:

    James Cameron is an ass.

  7. Roger says:

    Well, Cameron is a very suspicious surce to comment about The Lord of the rings and all the P.Jackson´s works. Impossible to compare the high quality level of Jackson´s work and the mediocrity and superficiality of Cameron´s films.Del Toro wasn´t the ideal director. I think and I insist: the best director, producer and co-writer is Peter Jackson!

  8. Roger says:

    I do agree. Cameron´s arrogance is also another proof of his Mediocrity and superficiality.

  9. Rjvavili says:

    He is arrogant but he is also correct. I do like Del Toro but Peter Jackson should finish what he started. I feel that The Hobbit would have been a little contrived to bring in a “new director.” I have had a gut feeling even when Del Toro was directing that Jackson was going to take over. I am not sure why. As much as I love Del Toro, Jackson is a better choice for such a project.

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