So you think you’re a geek? Associate physics professor Rhett Allain recently posted an entertaining analysis of the speed and distance of the lighting of the Beacons of Gondor in his dotphysics blog. Even if mathematical equations make you cross-eyed, his tongue-in-cheek logic still makes it an entertaining read:

“The Lord of the Rings trilogy came on TV again recently. My wife and I can’t help but to watch this even though we have it on DVD. Anyway, I was thinking about the part where Gondor sends a signal to Rohan asking them for military aid. Since this was before the invention of email, they had to do it with a signal fire.”

Hint: also read the comments at the end of his blog entry: lots of geeky Tolkien goodness. Thanks to Finding Frodo for bringing this to our attention by posting about it on our message boards.