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Archive for August, 2010

FoxTrot Goes…Inception

Ford of Rivendell writes: Jason and Bill Amend are up to it again this Sunday in Jason’s Dreams in FoxTrot; with a bit of LOTR, Star Wars, and X-Men. True “Geek” to the core… (actually I’ve had nights like that) :0)

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‘The Music of The Lord of the Rings Films’ Sneak Peak

Magpie writes: Doug Adams is letting us peek inside his upcoming book on the LOTR film music. Check out

Pre-Order ‘The Music of The Lord of the Rings Films’ on Today!

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Infographic: The tortured 73-year history of The Hobbit film

Although the film version of The Lord of the Rings was a massive worldwide success, getting J.R.R. Tolkien’s prequel, The Hobbit, to the screen has proven much more difficult. With the rights finally sorted out after being tied up for years and a studio feud with Rings director Peter Jackson resolved, the project finally began moving forward in 2008—only to be stalled this year by the looming collapse of MGM, one of the two companies financing the production, should it fail to find a way out of its $4 billion debt. More..

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Middle earth Travel Posters

Mental Floss recently featured the work of artist Steve Thomas, and his amazing Middle-earth inspired travel posters. Check out his site, and pick up one of these gorgeous prints!

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LOTR Gaming Goes Handheld

Levi Buchanan writes: I admit, the title Middle-Earth Defense made me laugh a little. Probably because I spent so much time grinding on the ridiculous Xbox 360 action game Earth Defense Force. But this Lord of the Rings game is very much a serious tower defense affair. You play out seven battle scenes straight from the film trilogy – Weathertop Mountain, Mines of Moria, Helm’s Deep, etc. – but instead of rushing in with Aragorn, you instead spread the fellowship across the map to thin herd after herd of Sauron’s evil forces.

By now, you know how a tower defense game works, right? Middle-Earth Defense is built on the genre conventions, but Glu is making some key tweaks that stand to make this tower defender fresher than its contemporaries. More..

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“Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks” Hits Paperback

Come commune with your inner fantasy fan or gaming geek with “Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks: An Epic Quest for Reality Among Role Players, Online Gamers, and Other Dwellers of Imaginary Realms.” The award-winning travel memoir-pop culture investigation is a funny, poignant, and enlightening road trip through fantasy and gaming subcultures, from Dungeons & Dragons gamers and live-action role-players, to Harry Potter wizard rockers and World of Warcraft players. It also explores Gilsdorf’s own lifelong (and at times twisted) relationship to fantasy and gaming. (more…)

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DragonCon ready to swoop down upon us

One of the greatest conventions in North America (probably the world for that matter) kicks off in less than a week and as always, DragonCon will feature a programming track dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien with special guest Sean Astin and will be there to help celebrate! For a complete schedule of the Tolkien-themed events, please click here or read on for TORn highlights. (more…)

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Sylvester McCoy up for Radagast the Brown?

Big news coming from the Dunoon Observer/Argyllshire Standard today. Sylvester McCoy confirms he is in contention with another actor for one of two Wizard parts in the upcoming ‘Hobbit’ films. We know Ian McKellen will like to return as Gandalf, and we’ve heard some rumblings of Radagast the Brown having a bigger role, so if you put two and two together — is Sylvester McCoy up for Radagast the Brown?

“I am being cast in The Hobbit,” he said. “We’re currently in negotiations – there are two of us under consideration. It’s not the Bilbo role, but could be bigger.”

It sure sounds like great casting to us! What do you think? Share your thoughts in our forum and comments! Thanks to Ringer Eldorion for the heads up! [Read Full Article]

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Dominic Monaghan speaks about ‘The Hobbit’ and PJ

Check out this great video from the MTV News in which actor Dominic Monaghan (Merry) speaks about his friendship with Peter Jackson, his willingness to participate in ‘The Hobbit’ films, and why he thinks Peter Jackson is the only person who can direct. “I can’t really imagine anyone other than Pete directing ‘The Hobbit,'” Monaghan told MTV News. [Read Full Article]

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‘Tengwar New’ Font

Marcin Przybys at has produced an interesting experiment in Elvish typography, a kind of Helvetica-styled Tengwar for the modern-day elf.  Whether you like it or not (and whether or not you think that Tolkien would cringe at the notion of modernized elves producing sleek brochures with this typeface), it is certainly an interesting bit of art. [Read More]
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TORN at PAX Prime 2010 will be at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle next month! The awesome folks from WB Games have invited me to hang out at their booth all weekend! Warner Bros. games are making several LOTR themed games including ‘The War in the North’, be sure to check out their website! PAX Prime runs from September 2nd to 5th in downtown Seattle.

If you are attending PAX please drop on by to say ‘Hi!’, if you aren’t attending PAX but are in the area drop me a line, I’d love to hook up with some Ringers while I’m out west!

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Travellers move on to Tolkien site ‘to see the Pope’

Travellers who have moved on to a site in Hall Green in Birmingham said they were there to see the Pope.

Councillor Martin Mullaney said the families had moved on to a field next to Sarehole Mill, a childhood haunt of Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien.

He said they had told him they had no idea the event was ticket only.

Pope Benedict XVI is holding a special Mass in Cofton Park on Sunday 19 September, at the end of his four-day UK visit.

[Full Article]

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