Michael Pellerin has long been a much admired figure for his work on the standard-setting “Lord of the Rings” Extended Edition DVDs and his contributions to our sister site “KongIsKing.net” where you can still see the final goodbye from the production diaries. He is a key figure in what the world knows about the whole LOTR production. With the release of the movie trilogy on Blu-ray, Pellerin has turned in a written account that covers a lot of ground that only he is in a position to explain. It is a great read, full of interesting information:
Such as:

“Peter (Jackson) and I began talking about LOTR on HD as far back as 2001 – during the making of the films. As we knew the film would eventually be released in some yet-to-be-determined HD format, we began planning The Lord of the Rings HD Box Set from the very beginning, nearly a decade ago.”

And this bit about the ultimate box set which does not yet exist:

“We had made a very conscious decision to make everything on the original Appendices Supplemental discs very specifically about the technical process of making the three films, as told by the many, many voices of the people who made them. Therefore, anything that was not specific to that goal, or approach, we saved for the Box Set.”

His own words can be read right here, so enjoy and thanks to message board members Patty and Oscarilbo for finding the interview.