Linuxelf sends along more video from years gone by, the first is a Jed Brophy ‘Sharku / Snaga’ Interview, then Ian Brodie and finally Brett Mckenzie on the ‘Figwit’ phenomenon (look it up).

Jed Brophy ‘Sharku / Snaga’ Interview

Interview with Jed Brophy, talks about conventions he’s going too, and about his characters in TTT (Snaga and wants to eat Merry and Pippin to whet his hunger) and (Sharku was the orc captain of Saruman’s Warg Riders.) In the film, he and his fellow riders were unleashed by Saruman to attack the Rohirrim of Edoras while they were journeying to Helm’s Deep.
Year 2003-2004.

Ian Brodie Interview

Ian Brodie talks about the making his extended edition Location Guide Book.
Year 2003-2004.

Brett Mckenzie on Figwit

This ones for the ladies, this ones an interview with Brett Mckenzie on the internet phenomenon Figwit!
Year. 2002