Rick “Sapience” Heaton, Online Community Specialist for Turbine Inc. writes: Greetings! Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, we’ve got you covered this week!

Developer Diary: Volume III: Book 1 Skirmishes
“Book 1 will see you gathering up the Grey Company and the various Rangers scattered about Eriador. One of the Rangers you are tasked with gathering is Corunir, in Angmar. Throughout the course of events with Corunir, you find yourself on a rescue mission in a place many a LOTRO player has fond memories of: The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu.” (http://www.lotro.com/gameinfo/devdiaries/617-developer-diary-volume-iii-book-1-skirmishes)

New Volume III, Book 1 Screenshots on lotro.com
Including screens from the new Skirmish in The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu!

Community Spotlight: Featured Guides
Today we are pleased to spotlight two excellent Skirmish Guides, “Arbalisters Guide to Skirmishing”(http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Arbalisters_Guide_to_Skirmishing) by Arbalister, Skirmish Trainer and “Skirmish Compendium”(http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Skirmish_Compendium) written Maestro, Skirmish Captain.
Arbalister introduces us to Skirmishes. He provides an overview of what they are and how they work, and is a must-read for first time Skirmishers. Maestro’s Compendium provides just about everything else! From maps to rewards it is the preeminent Skirmish resource.
We hope you enjoy our featured Player Guides! For more guides, check out the Community Created Guides section on the LOTRO Lorebook (http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Category:Community_Created_Guides).

Tell The Community Team
Let’s talk Legendary Items. What do you like? What would you change? This week we’d like your feedback on what you enjoy or what frustrates you about the Legendary Item System. Let us know in this week’s Tell the Community Team thread! (http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?p=4405363)

Valentine’s Day Screenshot Contest!
Are you in the mood for love? Can you feel the romance all around you in the game? Then now is the perfect time to enter our LOTRO Valentine Screenshot Contest! Send us your Valentine-themed screenshots, and you could win a custom title on the LOTRO forums! Read the Contest Details for more information! (http://www.lotro.com/news/614-valentines-screenshot-contest)

Valentine’s Lottery!
We have a special Valentine’s Weekend Lottery on my.lotro.com. Don’t forget to enter!