Ataahua writes: New Zealand’s TV3 has just broadcast an interview with Peter Jackson ahead of tonight’s NZ premier of The Lovely Bones. When the discussion led to preparations for filming The Hobbit, he had this to say:

“We had slipped a copy of the script to Ian McKellen, who read it – because obviously we want Ian back again as Gandalf. Literally, we had somebody fly to London with the script in their hand baggage, they went to his house, gave him the script and then when he was finished with it he gave it back and that person took it to a shredding machine and shredded the script. The security is so tight.”

On The Hobbit casting:

“We’d like the people that are reprising their roles from The Lord of The Rings to come back. We haven’t offered the roles to anyone yet because we can’t do that yet. But Hugo Weaving would be great to have back as Elrond. And Galadriel – Cate Blanchett would probably have an appearance in The Hobbit. But the Hobbits – Merry and Pippin, Sam and Frodo – they weren’t born when The Hobbit takes place.”

The full interview with PJ is on