THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE™: SIEGE OF MIRKWOOD™ TO LAUNCH ON DECEMBER 1STThe folks from Turbine write: With this week’s release of Siege of Mirkwood™ we thought we’d make sure you’ve seen all the content and coverage surrounding the launch! Consider this installment the ultimate launch recap! If you missed anything, it’s probably in here!

The Skirmish system is now live and player feedback is phenomenal! If you haven’t experienced the excitement and fun of Skirmishes for yourself, read up on all the details in Brian “Zombie Columbus'” seven part dev diary series!

Part 1: Overview
Part 2: Story Instances
Part 3: Randomization and Scaling
Part 4: Skirmish Soldiers
Part 5: Rewards
Part 6: Accessibility
Part 7: The End

Of course there’s a whole lot more to Siege of Mirkwood than just Skirmishes. Check out the new multi-ouput crafting recipes, the
revamped Lone-lands, our exciting new combat System, or the much asked for Mounts 2.0 changes! There are developer diaries for each new system and all the biggest changes! So grab a snack and read up!

Crafting in Siege of Mirkwood
Welcome Back to The Lone-lands
Introducing Dol Guldur
Mirkwood Region
Legendary Item System Update
Legacy Pool Updates
Siege of Mirkwood Skill Upgrades
Combat System Changes
Character Panel and Stat Updates
Mounts 2.0
Shared Storage

Siege of Mirkwood Image Gallery
If a picture is worth a thousand words than our Siege of Mirkwood Screen Shot gallery is worth millions! More..

Turbine YouTube Channel and Siege of Mirkwood Trailers
Don’t forget our incredible new trailers! You can find them all on the Turbine YouTube channel (

Siege of Mirkwood Trailer #1 Galadriel’s lament
Siege of Mirkwood Trailer #2 Lieutenant of Dol Guldur
Siege of Mirkwood Launch Day Trailer

What the Press is saying about Siege of Mirkwood
Obviously we think Siege of Mirkwood is pretty wonderful, but don’t just take our word for it! See what the press has to say!
Developer Tour
Full Coverage
Siege of Mirkwood Interview with Jeffrey Steefel and Aaron Campbell
Siege of Mirkwood preview
Full Coverage

Ten Ton Hammer
The Heart of Mirkwood – A Siege of Mirkwood Q&A with Jeffrey Steefel
Full Coverage
Siege of Mirkwood Recon (Preview)
All Siege of Mirkwood coverage
Warcry US Dev Chat Transcript

New 3.0 features!
Siege of Mirkwood also brought with it a ton of new features and a completely redesigned backend and management tools for (

LOTRO Lotteries Update
We’ve also taken a lot of player feedback on our new lottery system and improved it in many ways! There’s now a much asked for “Select All” option when entering lotteries and we’ve published a schedule of lottery start and end times. No more wondering when the next one may come along! (

Featured LOTRO Player Spotlight
We’ve recently added a new feature to the Turbine Community blog on ( – The Featured LOTRO Player Spotlight. We want players to call out others in the LOTRO community that have made a positive impact on your experiences in LOTRO. Or maybe you know someone who has a very unique real life story that’s tied to their LOTRO gameplay? Why not nominate them?
This time out our featured player is- Swepik

Swepik is the leader of Guardians of Vilya on Landroval and was nominated by fellow kin member Teneriel. You can visit to read our interview with Swepik! (
If you’d like nominate yourself (or someone else!) to be a featured player, send us a quick email at Make us laugh, make us cry, and tell us why you (or they) should be in the spotlight!