THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE™: SIEGE OF MIRKWOOD™ TO LAUNCH ON DECEMBER 1ST From the folks at Turbine: It’s been a busy week for The Lord of the Rings Online™! Here’s a roundup of all the happenings: The Lord of the Rings Online™: Siege of Mirkwood™ Launch date Announced! The word is out! The Lord of the Rings Online™: Siege of Mirkwood™ will launch on December 1! Special pre-order pricing and the all new Adventurer’s Pack have been unveiled along with the return of our very popular $199 lifetime subscription offer. Find out all the details in the official press release.

The very first Siege of Mirkwood Developer Diaries are live!

Go behind the development process with an overview of the new Skirmish System in the first installment of Zombie Columbus Skirmish Series, Find out what’s changing with Mounts 2.0, an indepth look at the changes to the mount system, and get details on a new feature from the just announced LOTRO Adventure’s Pack, Shared Storage!

Fall is in the air, time for new desktop wallpapers!

You’re definitely going to want to check out the latest quarterly calendars. Our October-December set includes everything from festive fall revelry to the dark fortress of The Necromancer, Dol Guldur!

Ask the Dev Team

The dev team recently took some time out to answer player submitted questions on a variety of topics. You can read their answers in the “Ask the Dev Team” article. Keep an eye out for more articles like this in the future! Blog spotlight

A true scribe teaches through their work and Fionnuala of Landroval does exactly that as she delves deep into LOTRO’s unique music system in her well written blog, “Musical Musings: Valuable Lessons”. Learn how to use the system to best effect through her very helpful guide. Fionnuala is our latest Scribe of the Ages and our first Musical Scribe.