There’s a lot going on with LOTRO this week! Here’s the recap:

Volume II: Book 8: Scourge of Khazad-dûm Spotlight

Beneath the enchanted golden leaves of Lothlórien, you have made your name and won your glory, but the darkness of Moria is calling you back! Find out what awaits in the upcoming free content update for Mines of Moria! More..

Dungeon: Halls of Crafting

Book 8 will introduce a new series of three and six person instances and a twelve person raid. Take a first look at the Halls of Crafting where the Orcs of Mazog have rekindled the ancient forges to produce arms and armour for their hordes as they muster to repel the return of Durin’s Folk and mount an attack upon the Elves of Lothlórien. More..

Teaser Video

Sharp-eyed players will recognize every location in this video but the dangers that await beyond the doors have never been seen! More..

Developer Diaries Incoming!

We’ve published the first developer diary for Book 8. Read up on the changes to crafting and how it impacts crafters and non crafters alike. ( )

Kinship Contest Update

Our Kinship Leveling Contest is in full swing. Which kinship is in the lead? What world is looking like they’ll win the title “one kinship to rule them all? You can check all the standings on our leaderboards or you can check out this week’s update!

Community Video Spotlight

This week’s video, “Cardolan! Renaissance…,” was created by Brinwica of the French LOTRO Community. We don’t often feature our friends from across the pond, so when we do you know it has to be good. Words can’t do this trailer justice, so go check it out yourselves! Make sure you stay for the credits, because Brinwica and his crew are looking for English voices for future videos!

Developer Chat Transcript

Warcry recently hosted Orion, Fantus, Raskolnikov, Graalx2 for a developer chat. The full transcript is available and has some good information about upcoming changes to The Lord of The Rings: Online™! More..

Tell the Community Team!

The Tell the Community Team threads have returned! Each week we’ll post new questions about various topics and take your feedback on the issues! Add your voice to the conversation! More..

Apply for the Isengard Private Preview Program

Isengard is a program run by members of the LOTRO Quality Assurance (QA) Team. This program invites real players to come onto our private server and help us give upcoming content and changes a good run through. Your participation will help us iron out kinks and find bugs before the content reaches the Live worlds, helping us create a more polished and enjoyable game experience for all. Apply today!