Mark writes: Last Sunday I went to see the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra perform the Two Towers in sync with the film, in Lucerne in Switzerland. As with the Fellowship last year it is quite a surreal experience, you don’t know whether to watch the film the orchestra or the choir. The German subtitles add to the distractions. It was a wonderful performance, to my ears not a note wrong. I saw the matinee performance, there was going to be another performance in the evening, that is over 6 hours playing in one day, I am sure that those involved slept well.

They have a special version of the film without the music, but with the rest of the soundtrack, voices and special effects etc. They then play the music. One thing it makes you realise is how pervasive the music is, there were only 2 or 3 occasions where I noticed that the were not playing.

I am now looking forward to next year, and the Return of the King.