Patricia writes: I wanted to inform that Cynthia and Tony Royal who own and tour with Blanco/Shadowfax have taken on a rather daunting rescue mission, that of rescuing a herd of 27 horses, including 9 stallions. With hay out here at around $25 a bale, they personally don’t have the means to support them, but hope their goal is to use them for equine assisted psychotherapy to eventually be able to get grant money. In the meantime, they desperately need donations. Cynthia has asked me to drive people to so they can read the story, see the video and hopefully donate. If everyone we know would donate $25, they’d be taken care of for a year.

Now as to our big beautiful Blanco/Shadowfax, he has not been feeling well, Cynthia and Tony think something metabolic, so their are unable to travel far with him and book further shows. Please keep keep Blanco, Cynthia and Tony in your thoughts. It seems that everyone is dealing with problems whether financial or health concerns but together maybe we can help this great threesome out.