The Fly Logo Lhunsarniel sends along word that Howard Shore and director David Cronenberg will host a Q & A along with a screening of “The Fly” at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on September 3rd. From the website: “THE FLY is an extraordinary example of Cronenberg’s particular brand of “body horror”; flesh transformed by disease. Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) is an eccentric scientist, whose experiments with teleportation go awry, leading to one of the horror genre’s most disgusting and gory physical transformations. Ultimately, David Cronenberg’s version of THE FLY – based on a short story by George Langelaan and the 1958 film that starred Vincent Price – is a dark romantic tragedy about the wasting away of a brilliant man who mutates into an insect as his loved one looks on helplessly. 20th Century Fox has struck a brand new print of the film for this screening. Q&A WITH DAVID CRONENBERG AND HOWARD SHORE WILL PRECEDE THE SCREENING.” Shore ‘Fly’ Q&A in Hollywood