Edinburgh International Book Festival Logo Mark writes: Just want to say a big thank you to theonering.net for posting the article about John Howe attending the Edinburgh Book Festival. I was lucky enough to attend the event last night, at which Mr. Howe spoke about his work illustrating for various projects, including of course The Trilogy. The interviewer did ask if he was involved in The Hobbit films in any way, but he only said (understandably) that it was too early to discuss it. We saw a slide show of concept art from the Trilogy in which there were pictures yet unseen in even the “Art of…” book series or DVD special features. The talk was fascinating, and Mr. Howe was not only very open and in-depth about his work, but had a great sense of humour too. A few members of the audience had the opportunity to ask questions as well, and there was even time for autographs and photos at the end. Overall, it was just a great night! Any more posts for events happening in Scotland or in the UK are most welcome!