Park Road Post Logo DMN Newswire–2008-8-18–The Neo panel will be brought straight into front line service to carry out the full DI on Peter Jackson’s forthcoming film ‘The Lovely Bones’. Three further full DI projects are already booked in before the year end, including Alex Proyas’ feature ‘Knowing’, which is shot entirely on the RED camera. Adam Scott, Head of DI at Park Road, is enthused with Neo: “It’s a beautiful piece of kit, the clients will love it,” he says. “Neo will make the whole color grading process more time-efficient, streamlined and faster too. Having all the color tools instantly available just one touch away makes this a true colorist control surface and it will look extremely impressive in our ‘hero’ DI theatre. It’s all about improving the client experience and Neo is central to that.” Park Road Post Production purchases Neo