TORN CouponSideshow Collectibles does not post coupons very often, and it is even less likely that they give coupons to fan sites like TORn – but we’ve managed to snag one for our collectors! From now until Sept 30th 2008, you can save $10 off the Frodo Baggins 12-inch Figure Exclusive, as well as $10 off the Samwise Gamgee 12-inch Figure Exclusive. The coupon code to use at checkout is ‘TORN’ (without the quotes) and you can use it on both figures, but not in the same order. So if you are looking to purchase both figures, place two separate orders and use the code ‘TORN’ for each one. This will save you $10 off each figure for a total of $20 in savings! If you are not familiar with this line of The Lord of the Rings figures, it can be argued that they are some of the most film accurate and detailed collectibles to ever be produced. Each figure is fully poseable and comes with a mountain of accessories. For a great comprehensive review of these figures, check out the one posted at [Frodo Figure] [Sam Figure] [All LOTR Figures] [How to use a Coupon at Sideshow]