Guillermo Del Toro HobbitDefamer is reporting an interesting bit Guillermo del Toro said this week at the Los Angeles Film Festival, first mentioned by Del Toro himself more than a month ago right here on the TORn message boards. When asked about the second movie, Del Toro answered:

We believe there is a second movie, if there isn’t, there will not be. If we find it, we will shoot it, but by God, if we do not find it, we will not shoot it. I am anxious to shoot the book, and I’m willing and able to dedicate myself to shooting the [second film].

Guillermo Del Toro also confirmed what material can be used for building the second film:

In the four books that are in the domain of the copyright, there are appendices and ideas and things that can be traced without risk. But I have to be careful not to overstep. We believe there is a way to create this film and make it interesting, but it’s too early.

The article goes on to mistakenly say Jackson owns the rights to those four novels, but as we know, the rights are owned by Saul Zaentz and can be used by New Line Cinema through a concession. Language warning for those who follow the link. [Defamer]