Liv TylerFrosty from wrote us with a little Liv Tyler tidbit. She is of course basking in the success of “The Strangers” and opening “The Incredible Hulk” today. In the video interview by Frosty, Tyler reveals that she has not yet been talked to about showing up in the Guillermo del Toro-helmed Hobbit films. What could this mean? Well, a lot of things.

Possible explanations for why Tyler (Arwen) hasn’t been contacted:
* The script isn’t finished (definitely true) and the second movie is only planned in broad strokes and the status of her character isn’t yet known.
* Arwen doesn’t fit into the ideas that Peter Jackson and company have for the film formerly-known-as-the-bridge film and will not be in the films.
* Film will not roll until 2010, there is still time.
* She is busy promoting films and the Jackson camp is waiting for a quiet moment.
* Turns out Tyer is a goddess (as I always suspected) and you don’t contact her, you pray to her.

Whatever the reason, thanks to Frosty for getting us that juicy, newsy morsel.