Guillermo Del Toro 2Director Guillermo del Toro recently posted a ‘heads up’ to Tolkien fans in’s forum. In the post, Del Toro outlines why his upcoming film ‘Hellboy II’ and last year’s ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ should not necessarily serve as examples of the tone and theme of the upcoming ‘Hobbit’ films.

It is my dearest hope that this message will prevent speculation of what in “Pan’s Labyrinth” or “Hellboy II” will indicate what the HOBBIT will be. In time there will be definite aesthetic choices that will guide the film towards a yuxtaposition of PJ’s and my visual proclivities but I think it will only be visible in retrospect and it would be almost impossible -and rather perverse- to try and divine it at this stage.

The post is a lot more extensive than that simple quote, so jump on over to our forum to read the complete entry! And isn’t it great to have Guillermo participating so early in our community? [Forum]