Stormfront Studios From (via Kotaku): The developers of the original Neverwinter Nights, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Blood Wake has closed its doors, ending twenty years of Stormfront Studios. We’d heard from a number of ex-employees over the past 24 hours who tipped us off to the closing, telling us that Stormfront prez Don Daglow announced during the studio’s weekly meeting that it would be shutting its doors forever, offering no severance and no further health benefits. The studio was said to have a staff of about 30 full-time employees at its closure. According to Next-Gen report on the shuttering, Stormfront reps confirmed the rumor, saying that its current project “made no revenue.” It’s unclear whether that project was the recently shipped The Spiderwick Chronicles, but we have an e-mail in with Stormfront to learn more.