Guillermo Del Toro Martin writes: Guillermo del Toro is keeping up a pretty damn cool correspondence with the fans over at and on the forum of his Hellboy II Website, where he answers fan-questions on an almost daily basis. He also came to talk about the Hobbit a couple of times.

And these are his statements on the Hobbit that I loved to read. It makes me feel very confident he is going to do these films very carefully, binding them together with PJs LOTR both on ways of continuity and aesthetics, while also bringing his unique, both humorous and dark vision to it:

1.) Questions about The Hobbit-

Guys- My email has been flooded with questions about the Hobbit. So, let me point out – again – that the movie (or movies) is / are not yet set in stone. In another forum question (look for the Topic: “LAST PRINCE NUADA QUESTION ?, I KNOW I LAUGHED WHEN I WROTE THAT ALSO.”) I posted a brief update on MY reading habits and how I am personally “catching up” just in case and to have an informed opinion of the Tolkien Cosmology.

In the ORPHANAGE premiere in Paris JA Bayona came up with a joke he thought would be funny (THe Hobbit and his pint-sized humanity) and verbalized it before I could stop him. But you can see me quietly shocked and not confirming the statement that strongly. That morning The Hollywood Reporter had jumped the gun and everybody was surprised.

I dont want to appear rude by not answering any more questions about The Hobbit until it is a 100% sure reality. Once that heppens you can ask me anything you want- Who? When? Why? You name it-

– in the meantime, I hope you understand.

Yr Ovt. St
Guillermo del Toro


And, no- no more news on the HOBBIT. Except that I am done reading 3/4 of EVERYTHING JRR Tolkien ever wrote. When I tried to read LOTR at 11 I found it too dense- now at 43 I read them and found them a breeze- BUT I do keep a notepad as I crawl slowly through The Silmarillion – which I find strangely hypnotic and wonderful. I have read so much mythology and mythology / folklore studies in my life and this one is fascinating. I can trace a lot of what Tolkien was doing to Mythologies all over the world (specially Icelandic) BUT he then roots it and re-shapes into a meticulously created Cosmology that is perfect for the Anglo-Saxon world. Brilliant, strong stuff.

Next I will finish two biographies on the Professor… I remember some of his credo about fantasy that affected me deeply when I was a kid. He said something like “keep everything fantastic enough to make it spellbinidng and real enough to make it relatable” I am sure I am misquoting but its been decades since I read it.




(Answering to: “Please save the Hobbit from Hell!”)

I will do my best if I end up doing it! Right now its all in flux.

Theres a lot of trepidation out there in the web. I remember the days when everyone was concerned about Jackson directing the films- how he was the director of “Low Budget Horror” like DEAD ALIVE (My favorite!!) BAD TASTE etc and how HEAVENLY CREATURES didnt give any one pause enough, etc BUt I always felt he was perfect for them- instinctively. Check FANGORIA’s website tos ee if they have an article I wrote about DEAD ALIVE / LOTR years ago.

I think this porject will come to fruition in the best manner. The actors, Producers and entities interested in it are keen in making this films part of a filmic legacy of enormous -one would say “unique”- proportions.

Have faith and spread it through the net.