Guillermo Del Toro Iain writes: Guillermo del Toro will be interviewed on BBC1’s Film 2008 programme next week. This is scheduled for Tue-18-Mar and the programme runs from 11:15pm – 11:45pm. From the website: “Jonathan Ross reviews The Spiderwick Chronicles, comedy Lars and the Real Girl and welcomes Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro to the studio.” []

I suspect the actual interview by Jonathan Ross will be no more than 5 minutes but he has promised to ask The Hobbit question of Guillermo. See the note below on iPlayer is you wish to hear the last minute of Tues-11th programme where he mentions this. For those that miss it, the BBC usually repeats the programme on the following Saturday (i.e. 22nd).

In addition the BBC now offer the vast majority of their programmes for download via a service call iPlayer. These are time-stamped and so are only playable for 7 days from download. However I’m not sure if this service is available/supported outside the UK.