Hobbit Party GuestThe Tolkien community is in hysterics today as we finally get the ‘official’ announcement concerning ‘The Hobbit.’ (Full Release) Now what? What can we expect? Well, first off, join the Tolkien community discussion in our forums and in Barlimans (IRC Chat). Then, strap on those seatbelts as we gear up for a wild ride! Director speculation, casting speculation, and don’t forget the infamous SPY REPORTS! Woo! We can’t wait! [Forums] [Java IRC Chat] [Digg It!] [Official Hobbit Blog] [Official Community Site]

And don’t forget to check out the TORn presentation on ‘Making the Hobbit Happen’ from DragonCon 2007. In the presentation TORn staffers reveal how we believe the films will play out – including casting, locations and more! [Hobbit Presentation]